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We've all seen what Russia has done in Ukraine - to its people, to its infrastructure, and to its sacred places. Putin is a war criminal and has committed crimes against humanity. He must be indicted and tried for his crimes before the appropriate International Court and held accountable. He cannot be allowed to escape the righteous judgment of the law.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assemblyman Jim Patterson’s bill allowing landowners to sell lumber removed while clearing defensible space without having to pay for a timber harvesting plan - a savings of up to $55,000.

Patterson originally authored the Homeowner Wildfire Protection Act in 2014 but it is set to expire next year. AB 431 extends the program until 2026.

“Clearing defensible space is vital, but it can also be a real financial hardship,” Assemblyman Patterson said. “This law eliminates a $55,000 state fee and allows people to recoup the cost of creating additional fire protection for their homes by selling the lumber”.

This state has done everything in its power to outlaw natural gas. This is an outright admission that they cannot keep the lights on without it. Now, California is installing five temporary gas-fueled generators at existing power plants to prevent blackouts.

Because there is an imbalance of justice in the law. Because it's time for California to care more about the victims and the families they leave behind than the criminals who don't have the human decency to stay.

Victims of human trafficking are often forced to commit crimes. With misdemeanor crimes on their records like loitering and trespassing, theft, survivors are often unable to find a job. As survivors work toward building a new life, they find these obstacles within the justice system that make starting a new life almost impossible. 

AB 262 will make it faster and easier for survivors to clear their record of nonviolent offenses so they can begin their new lives.