Legislation Session - 2019-2020

AB 2185 will allow occupational licensees in good standing in their home states to simply transfer their license upon establishing residency in California - avoiding the significant time and paperwork otherwise required. California licensing boards will still collect the necessary fees to process the license, and may require state-specific exams if necessary. 
AB 2390 is the annual adoption bill to improve adoption processes and procedures in California, co-sponsored by the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers. The goal of this bill is to provide much needed consistency and certainty and ultimately help avoid litigation and confusion for families.        
AB 2417 clarifies that bereaved mothers, defined as those who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or fatal fetal diagnosis, must be included in the population of patients who are informed about maternal mental health conditions. It will amend current code to ensure that bereaved mothers are also screened by their providers for maternal mental health conditions.
AB 2418 will ensure that women who experience pregnancy loss are able to be their own best advocates during this crucial time of need.will ensure that all women who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, fatal fetal diagnosis, or other forms of pregnancy loss are informed of all of their options – medical and otherwise. This bill requires the Department of Health Care Services to compile information about perinatal hospice services and make it available to hospitals and patients.  
AB 2552 would require that first priority for state-funded child development services go to children experiencing homelessness. It would also ensure that these children are not required to provide a fixed address or mailing address. Additionally, this bill would prohibit these children from being denied immediate enrollment into that program for failure to supply documentation of age-appropriate immunization. Lastly, this bill would require service providers to conduct outreach to families experiencing homelessness to share information about subsidized childcare programs.
AB 1867 (Patterson, 2014) created a pilot program to allow landowners, when clearing defensible space around their home, to sell the timber they cut down within 300 feet of a habitable structure without having to create and submit a timber harvesting plan to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). AB 3132 would extend the sunset provision for this pilot program to expire on January 1, 2026.
ACA 20 is common sense legislation that would take the politics out of writing the title and summary of ballot measures, a major benefit to California voters seeking a non-partisan explanation of the true impact of their vote. The hyper-partisan California Attorney General’s office is currently responsible for writing the title and summary for all ballot measures in California – a fact that can either help or hurt the chances of citizen crafted initiatives, depending on the political whims of the current Attorney General. The most recent example of this intentional voter manipulation is the…