Legislation Session - 2019-2020

Gavin’s Law (AB 582) is named in honor of Central Valley educator Gavin Gladding who was killed in September 2018 by a driver who hid from law enforcement for weeks before being caught. The driver, who was believed to have been drinking just prior to the accident, was caught and sentenced to three years in prison in November 2018. Gavin’s family learned that he was released on probation in December 2019 after spending only one year in prison.
California’s Foster Care Ombudsman does not have the independence needed to fulfill its ombudsperson role. Currently, the Ombudsman is appointed by the head of the Department of Social Services.
AB 2185 will allow occupational licensees in good standing in their home states to simply transfer their license upon establishing residency in California - avoiding the significant time and paperwork otherwise required. California licensing boards will still collect the necessary fees to process the license, and may require state-specific exams if necessary. 
ACA 20 is common sense legislation that would take the politics out of writing the title and summary of ballot measures, a major benefit to California voters seeking a non-partisan explanation of the true impact of their vote.