EDD FRAUD: Disability payments frozen by EDD, Countless without payments until doctors complete ID verification

SACRAMENTO – The EDD has suspended an unknown number of claims due to a new scam involving “organized criminals using stolen medical provider credentials.” Until EDD can verify the identity of the doctors in question, their patients won’t get paid.

Dozens of people have reached out to Assemblyman Patterson’s office for help. People with debilitating illnesses, injuries and even new mothers have been without payments for months. Many have reached the end of their financial rope.

EDD has been aware of the new scam targeting California doctors since mid-December. EDD is emailing doctors this week to begin verifying their identities.

“We are right back where we started with EDD, but this time with disability instead of unemployment,” Assemblyman Patterson said. “They are overwhelmed, understaffed and can’t tell the difference between criminals and those with legitimate claims. We need answers from the EDD about how they plan to get this verification of doctors done ASAP. How long will it take to get everyone paid? So far, our questions have gone unanswered.”