Bill Exempting 2020 Wildfire Victims from Solar Panel Building Requirement Approved in State Senate Committee ​​​​​​​

SACRAMENTO – The California Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee voted to approve a bill that would help recent wildfire victims trying to rebuild their homes.

Assemblyman Jim Patterson introduced AB 1078 in to include victims of devastating 2020 wildfires in a solar panel exemption granted to previous wildfire victims. Without this bill, anyone trying to rebuild after a wildfire would be required to put solar panels on their home – even if it burned down in a wildfire.

“Thousands of homes were lost in 2020 wildfires. Many don’t have enough insurance money to cover the cost of rebuilding as it is,” said Assemblyman Patterson said. “These are not investors or real estate moguls. They are victims who are trying to come back home. AB 1078 will help ease the burden of rebuilding after everything they had was destroyed.”

This bill would apply to victims of some of the largest fires in state history including the August Complex, SCU Lightning Complex, LNU Lightning Complex as well as the Glass, Zogg, and Creek fires.

AB 1078 moves to Senate Appropriation for a vote.