Has your job been hit by the Creek Fire? Here's how to get financial help Unemployment benefits will be paid retroactive to the day the disaster was declared, which is September 6th for the Creek Fire.
  Obtain a complete copy of your residential homeowner's insurance policy, including your declarations page. The law requires your insurance company to provide this to you free of charge within 30 days of your request.  Ask your agent or insurer representative to explain how much coverage you have (1) to rebuild or repair your home, (2) for your personal belongings, and (3) for living expenses. This should include an explanation of Extended Replacement Cost and Building Code Upgrade coverages if applicable.  Ask how to most effectively claim your coverage benefits.
Our office is available to help you get information on your FAIR plan claim. This can be a frustrating and confusing process. If you have concerns, complaints, general questions or your adjuster has not contacted you after you’ve filed your claim online, we can help.HOW TO NAVIGATE THE FAIR PLAN REPORT YOUR CLAIM ON THE FAIR PLAN WEBSITE Report your claim here: https://www.cfpnet.com/  After you’ve completed this step, your adjuster should reach out to you. IF YOUR ADJUSTER DOES NOT REACH OUT TO YOU AFTER YOU REPORT YOUR CLAIM ONLINE OR YOU HAVE SPECIFIC CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR CLAIM
SACRAMENTO | Assemblyman Jim Patterson submitted an official request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) Thursday to audit California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) following months of frustrating delays for hundreds of thousands of people waiting for unemployment checks. While the economic shutdown due to COVID-19 undoubtedly caused significant workload challenges, the EDD has a well-documented history of prolonged poor performance that has impacted California workers for nearly two decades. The audit request letter reads in part:
FRESNO | KMJ – A groundbreaking new report released Monday afternoon spells out the economic disaster for farmers in the Central Valley and statewide as a result of California’s water policies.
FRESNO |  BUSINESS JOURNAL - Assemblymember Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) has joined a fellow legislator in introducing a bill that would make it easier to get occupational licensees to work faster. Assembly Bill 2185 would allow people occupational license holders in good standing from other states to transfer those licenses to California. The bill would apply to people working in fields requiring state licenses, such as nurses, makeup artists and travel agents, according to a news release from Patterson’s office.
SACRAMENTO | LA TIMES - California is falling perilously short of its targets for issuing Real IDs and will have to more than double the number issued each month to reach the millions of drivers still without the federally required identification card before an Oct. 1 deadline, officials said Thursday.
FRESNO | FRESNO BEE - Susan Gladding was never one to take on causes. Never one to make public speeches. Or serve a source of strength and inspiration to others. Those traits belonged to her husband, Gavin, a well-liked Clovis Unified administrator and former Peace Corps volunteer. Susan, despite his frequent encouragement, preferred to stay in the background. Where she always felt more comfortable.
SACRAMENTO | FOX 40 - State lawmakers Monday showed an overwhelming amount of support for a law that will increase the punishment for deadly hit-and-run crashes. Lawmakers approved Gavin's Law with a 66-3 vote.