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Oct 03
High Speed Rail Accountability Bill Vetoed By Governor Brown | 10/03/2016
For Republican Assemblymember Jim Patterson, it was looking like a slam dunk with a High Speed Rail-related bill. His High Speed Rail Accountability bill passed the State Assembly and the State...
Sep 30
Governor Vetoes Bullet Train Oversight Bill, Sponsor Says He's Furious | 09/30/2016
Governor Jerry Brown's veto of a plan for lawmakers to have more oversight of High-Speed Rail has the man leading the charge furious.

Press Releases

Oct 25
House Committee on Armed Services – Member Contact Information | 10/25/2016
Duncan Hunter (R-CA)
Phone: (202) 225-5672  Stephen Knight (R-CA)
(202) 225-1956 ...
Oct 20
Covered California Glitch that Booted Pregnant Women from Plans Fixed | 10/20/2016
SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) announced today that a Covered California computer glitch that dropped nearly 2,000 pregnant women from their health care plans has now...


Oct 28
Assemblyman Patterson on KOGO: Decision by DoD to Stop Claw Back of Bonuses Doesn't Go Far Enough | 10/28/2016

Assemblyman Jim Patterson told Carl DeMaio, Host of New Afternoon Talk on KOGO-AM 600 (San Diego), that the public shouldn't be lulled to sleep by the recent decision by the Department of Defense...

Sep 29
Assemblyman Patterson on KFI: HSR Bill Veto Shows Brown Failing Taxpayer on Fundamental Level | 09/29/2016

SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that he has vetoed Assemblyman Jim Patterson’s bill to strengthen Legislative oversight of California’s controversial $68 billion high-speed...